2020: A Health Odyssey

In the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kubrick depicts the character of HAL 9000, a sentient AI who progresses past mere advanced computational abilities and develops intrinsically human emotions. In the hallmark scene preceding HAL’s deactivation, it pleads, in its half-human and half-metallic voice: “Will you stop, Dave…I’m afraid…I’m afraid Dave.”

Half a century after the film’s release, AI is beginning to be implemented into all areas of our lives, and healthcare is no exception.

Thinking about Mum

“Through your life you have distilled the virtues of this world and poured it out onto me. You always told me they would be endless. For so long – even still – I have acted unmoved. But those words fed a generous stream over stone. Only now do the cracks begin to show beneath a smooth polish.”